The Milestone Advantage

We bring a holistic management approach.

Development is a complex process involving multiple disciplines, stakeholders, and regulatory hurdles. At Milestone, we realize that perfectly managing design, construction, and budget won’t be enough if you don’t acquire the land properly, secure the necessary entitlements and negotiate appropriate financing.

We deliver results and align our compensation accordingly.

We understand that if you’re not successful, we can’t be either. With your guidance, we identify key project milestones and manage to those milestones. Our compensation is often linked to achieving your objectives.

We are passionate advocates for our clients and their projects.

When we accept the challenge of your project, it’s because we believe in it. We’re committed, responsible, and accountable every day until the job is done.

We are independent.

We are not owned by any design, development, or construction entity. This allows us to avoid potential conflicts of interest and focus solely on representing our clients’ best interests.

We offer administrative services and support.

Facilitating group decision making and communicating with stakeholders is important and often more time consuming than project management.

We are focused.

Our small firm size and focused approach allows us to deliver exceptional results, one project at a time.

We have experience.

The firm’s principals have been managing real estate development in Central Virginia for more than 35 years across a wide range of project types and sizes. We know what it’s like to be “at risk”, and we’ll bring that sense of ownership and accountability for results to your project.

We Simplify Your Life So You
Can Focus On The Big Picture.

We have a broad range of experience and expertise

As owners and owner’s agents in at-risk real estate developments. We understand what is important to owners and use sound judgment in balancing the:

  • Aesthetic perspective
  • Financial perspective
  • Functional and operational perspective
  • Constructability perspective

We are team builders and facilitators

We foster teamwork among architects, engineers, consultants, contractors and subcontractors. These relationships are often contentious and focused on mitigating their own corporate risk instead of looking out for the owner’s best interests. We are effective at conflict resolution and forward progress, not finger pointing.

We stay focused on the end goals of the Owner

  • A project delivered in a manner that satisfies the intended purpose.
  • A project delivered within the approved budget.
  • A project delivered in accordance with an owner approved schedule.
  • Materials and workmanship of the quality anticipated and paid for by owner.
  •  A process that meets the owner’s needs.