We Manage Risk and Deliver Results

For Real Estate Owners and Developers

What is an Owner’s Representative?

The people who work for designers, consultants, contractors, and suppliers have a fiduciary responsibility to the companies that employ them. At Milestone, we only represent our client’s interests. We manage risk and deliver results for real estate owners, corporations, nonprofits, governments and developers. Our compensation is linked to achieving your goals.

Your Orchestra Conductor

You may have recruited an impressive group of soloists. However, someone needs to conduct the orchestra. We are your conductor.

  • We help deliver projects in a manner that satisfies their intended purpose.
  • We help deliver projects within an approved budget.
  • We help deliver projects on schedule.
  • We ensure that materials and workmanship are of the quality you anticipated and paid for.
  • We develop and manage a process that meets your needs and expectations.

We are your:

Team Builder:

Translates development/construction lingo, facilitates effective decision making,
and assembles and manages the project team.  These are just a few of the things Milestone does for owners.
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Risk Manager

Risk management is an interactive process that does not end until the project is complete.
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Schedule Enforcer

Methodical scheduling improves the execution and success of a project.
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Budget Guardian

Ability to influence cost vs. actual cost spent over the life cycle of a project.
Creates overall project budget inclusive of design, construction, and owner costs
Oversees strict adherence to the project budget
Updates budget as costs are incurred
Provides mitigation options if costs exceed budget at any given time
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A Holistic Management Approach

Development is a complex process involving multiple disciplines, stakeholders, and regulatory hurdles. At Milestone, we realize that perfectly managing design, construction, and budget won’t be enough if you don’t acquire the land properly, secure the necessary entitlements and negotiate appropriate financing.

Our Compensation Is Based On Results

We understand that if you’re not successful, we can’t be either. With your guidance, we identify key project milestones and manage to those milestones. Our compensation is linked to achieving your objectives.

We Are Passionate Advocates

When we accept the challenge of your project, it’s because we believe in it. We’re committed, responsible, and accountable every day until the job is done.

Administrative Support

Facilitating group decision making and communicating with stakeholders is important and often more time consuming than project management.

We Have Experience

The firm’s principals have been managing real estate development in Central Virginia for more than 35 years across a wide range of project types and sizes. We know what it’s like to be “at risk”, and we’ll bring that sense of ownership and accountability for results to your project.

The owner was able to rely on Milestone Partners to come to them with important issues that required their input, and to quietly take care of the myriad of other issues that still need tending on a daily basis.

Jeff Dreyfus, Principal at Bushman Dreyfus Architects

An independent owner’s representative has the ability to provide unbiased decision making where all members of the team are held accountable on deliverables while also keeping the entire team focused on the end goal.

Pete Alcorn, President at K+L

Questions arise, decisions must be made, and guidance must be given to the designers and the contractor throughout the course of any project. Timely responses from the owner’s side are critical to maintaining schedule and budget. And when the client is a Board of Directors or a committee, answers can be slow in coming.

Jeff Dreyfus, Principal at Bushman Dreyfus Architects